Cellulite and Fat Pocket Treatment

Cellulite & Fat Pocket Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

What Causes Cellulite?
Connective tissue holds the skin down, cellulite is caused by fat cells pushing the skin up while the connective tissue is holding it down in other spots, giving the hill and valley effect.  Removing fat in the area will smooth the area as the fat is not pushing the skin up against the pull of the connective tissue.  We all know how impossible it is to lose fat from the specific areas where cellulite is present, so we have a method to remove fat cells in a targeted area. 
How Does The Treatment Work?
Mesotherapy is the injection of a specific cocktail of vitamins, nutrients and medicines to target specific complaints.  Meso Cell is a cocktail specifically designed to greatly reduce cellulite.  The serum is injected into the desired areas and cellulite is visibly reduced.  A slight discomfort may be felt during the procedure and for a small time afterwards and localised swelling or bruising may occur.  2-4 treatments are required 2-6 weeks apart.  This treatment can be paired with Lipodissolve to optimise results. 
Price ........................ from $150 per treatment*

Fat Pocket Treatment - Lipodissolve

Are you putting up with a small pocket of fat that no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of?  Lipodissolve is the perfect solution, it binds to the fat cells and makes them soluble in water.  The fat cells are dissolved and then excreted by the body, removing them permanently.  This treatment works great for chins, saddlebags, love handles and pot bellies.  The Lipodissolve will also effectively remove lipomas.  2-4 treatments are required 2-6 weeks apart.  Results will generally be visible after 6-8 weeks.  Some localised swelling and bruising may be present following treatment. 
Price .................................. $250 per treatment*
*Prices may vary for larger treatment areas
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