At Evolve we believe that just like two heads are better than one, a multi treatment approach is often the most effective. For this reason we offer different acne treatments that we combine in tailored programs to give the best results. Although there are several theories on the precise cause behind acne, it is clear (no pun intended) that killing the bacteria in active acne breakouts is the most effective means of treatment. 

Laser & IPL Acne Therapy

Certain lasers and IPL can be very effective tools in treating acne. The heat generated by the intense light is sufficient to kill the bacteria that causes the inflammation. The Nd Yag laser, a deep penetrating laser is highly effective in treating acne as its light is absorbed by the acne at a higher rate than most other forms and is deep enough to reach the sebaceous gland to inhibit the return of the acne. The stimulation of collagen production during this treatment can also help acne scarring.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a powerful tool in fighting acne. Once again the antibacterial properties of the peels aid to reduce the bacteria and the potent anti-inflammatories in the peels reduce the inflammation, i.e. the red, swollen pustules. 

HydraFacial MD

The Hydrafacial is another fantastic treatment to reduce acne. The deep cleanse and vortex extractions thoroughly clean the skin and the Antiox formula nourishes the skin afterwards to leave it healthy and fresh. In addition, Blue LED lights can be used as a part of your Hydrafacial treatment. Blue LED kills bacteria, reducing acne. 

Home Care

An important part of any treatment regime is the maintenance program. We are excited to stock the Image skincare range. The Clear Cell line by Image is a range specific for acne and has the premium ingredients to fight acne and blemishes. Speak to our friendly staff about if this range would be right for you or click here to see more about Image Skincare.

Medical Intervention

In some rare cases skin treatments don't quite achieve the results you want. Our team doctor, Dr Brown, is passionate about all things skin and can provide medical treatments where indicated. 

Make a consultation with Dr Brown today to receive your tailor made treatment plan. We have packages and payment plans available to make your life even easier!

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