About Us

About Us

Our friendly and experienced staff offer high quality beauty, cosmetic medicine and health services.  We are passionate about what we do and listen to your wants and needs to provide your desired results.

Dr Mark Brown

Dr Mark Brown has been practising in General Practice for over 10 years. Dr Brown developed a passion for cosmetic medicine and has completed Certificate I and Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Brown has been trained in advanced anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, chemical peels, cellulite treatment, skin conditioning programs and hair loss treatment. Dr Brown also has an avid interest in nutrition and weight loss. He has completed his Certificate in Fitness and is able to provide clients with a personalised meal plan and exercise regime for weight loss. Dr Brown also is passionate about family medicine and has over 10 years experience in occupational medicine.


Jodi is our practice manager, she has a Bachelor in Biomedical Science and has worked as a Pathology Scientist. Jodi has an avid interest in exercise and nutrition. Jodi also has a keen interest in aesthetic medicine and researching the latest innovative treatments combining medicine and beauty. With her Radiation Health Qld Laser Licence, Jodi is qualified to perform a variety of laser treatments. Jodi is also trained to perform Hydrafacials, Dermapen treatments, Peels and IPL treatments. She also extracts the platelet rich plasma for our cosmetic and sports treatments.


Steve’s treatments have a focus on Chronic and Acute conditions which build up over a lifetime. Management of these conditions is best achieved with an integrated treatment program that includes exercise, postural correction, movement improvement, relaxation techniques and maintenance. This is best done through self-treatment and a regular program of massage to retain your muscle tension habits.
Services offered: 
Remedial Massage • Dry Needling / Trigger Point Therapy • Acupuncture • Sports Massage • 
• Deep Tissue Massage • Relaxation Massage • Shiatsu / Acupressure •
• Lymphatic Drainage Massage • Cupping • Therapeutic Massage •

Steve has Health Rebates for:  
Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Dry Needling, 
Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping   

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